Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'll Make it Plain: I Do Not Like John Boehner

Last night, I was having the worst time trying to find my voice.  I couldn't really determine all that I wanted to say.  But now that I am watching John Boehner blather and bleat about the American people and other such things, I have a better sense of what I want to say.  He, in my mind, represents precisely what is wrong with our country.  As I watch him right now, flanked by Haley Barbour and Mitch McConnell, I see pure animus, and I fight mightily not to see enemies.  But it is fucking hard. 

With that said, I don't think that the Democratic Party has all of the answers.  And Lord Jesus I can say that the GOP has not had the answers in my mind since Teddy Roosevelt.  God knows I held my nose as I voted for Glenn Nye in the Virginia Second, but there was no way I could even fathom voting for Scott Rigell (and I am glad that Nye lost, because there is no use for someone who is Republican-lite). 

I think I now know how McCain supporters must have felt on that night in 2008.  When I look at Boehner, I see someone who represents why affirmative action was instituted in the first place.  I see him the way whites see black folks they assume are affirmative action hires, but I don't think I am wrong about his actual lack of qualifications.  I do not see him as an adult in the building.  I do not see him as someone who gives a rat's ass about all of the desperate and poor and unemployed and uninsured who are cheering his ascension today.

But, I will be just fine.  I will settle in and watch exactly what he does with this new position of power he will acquire in January, and I am more than prepared to use my little space of the blogosphere to hammer him for every single slight that I find, every opportunity that he puts his self interests before those people he purports to speak for (and I mean the broke people, not the rich ones that he and too many in all of Washington he seems to prefer), and any move to impeach the President without just cause (I definitely expect that to come down the pike).


Greg Johnson said...
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Greg Johnson said...

As was pointed out last night by Keith Olbermann et al. the Republicans will try to pass tax cuts AND vote to raise the debt ceiling "just one more time". Let's see if the Palin crew drinks this cool-aid.

Greg Johnson said...

I consulted my lucky mystic gypsy fortune telling cards about the first several bills to come out of the new Congress and here's what they said: John Boehner will announce that, " HR: 1 will be a bill to "repeal that monstrosity called Obamacare. HR 2 will be a bill to extend the Bush tax cuts permanently so that small businesses will be able to lead our country out of the ditch we're in."

Harry Reid, now the minority leader, will make some tepid remarks that the tax cuts disportionately benefit the wealthiest and instead offer an amendment to tax those making more than $500,000 a year.

Mitch McConnell will accuse Reid of "class warfare". The irony of the senior senator from one of the poorest states making such an accusation will be lost to all except Rachel Maddow.

Charles Schumer will appear on Rachel's show and after some cajoling will agree that McConnell's comment was indeed ironic; the left wing blogosphere widely repeats Schumer's comments. The next day Rush Limbaugh will accuse Schumer of being a communist, "but what do you expect from some New York elite who would agree to go on a show with a rug muncher like that."

Keith Olbermann, realizing he's being eclipsed by Maddow, holds a staff meeting, "Why did I let that John Stewart bully me into canceling the 'worst person in the world' segment and decides to introduce a new "occasional segment called, 'dumb stuff the right wing noise machine says'." He goes on that night and delivers an ernest 6 minute defense of Rachel's "journalistic integrity" and demands Limbaugh resign due to his use "of a slur I will not dignify by repeating".

Meanwhile, the Countdown intern (who is secretly a plant being paid off by Rupert Murdoch) will report back that Olberman actually said, "How did I let that JEW Stewart bully me ..." and garbled audio tape will be played repeatedly on Fox and Youtube that seems to substantiate this.

Jeff Zucker (pres. of NBC Universal and bar mitzvah boy) realizes this is a perfect opportunity to can the perennially last place Countdown. Olbermann is off the air 8 days after the phony story goes viral. Zucker announcers plans that "Rick Sanchez will be coming to MSNBC in order to give the station a wider political perspective."

Meanwhile back on capitol Hill, 6 Democtaric senators (including Ben Nelson who has switched to the Republican party) push the healthcare bill through the Senate. It is quickly vetoed. An apoplectic Eric Cantor is unable to muster enough votes to override the veto.

The tax bill will sail through both houses but be vetoed. Unemployment once again tops 10%. Realizing he's been out maneuvered by the Republicans and that he is a victim of the continuing Bush economic hang-over, the Republican leadership meets with Obama at Camp David and a few cosmetic changes are made to the bill which eventually is signed into law, "This is a great day for bi-partisanship", says Reid.

At the end of 2011 Hilary resigns as Sec. of State (citing Hillary's impending delivery of her first grandchild) and begins none-too-secret plans to form a presidential exploratory committee.

Anonymous said...

Gypsy affiliated one,

You don't think that Biden will decide to retire, and Obama will offer Hillary second billing?

Why wouldn't she take it? 4 years as VP could make her even more likely to win in 2016.

Meanwhile, my Magic 8-Ball says: Boehner will reveal his version of U.S. apartheid in the first 6 months. Watch as the hands of the clock are spun backwards. DADT, Roe V. Wade, marital equality, DNA research, healthcare DEform, and hatcheting Medicare into 3rd world status because that is where real savings can be achieved - they won't wait to shove back. Simultaneously tax cuts will flourish as if Bush never left. Call it "Trickle down in economic stimulous clothing". Also, Palin will run in 2012, and again, only Tina Fey will be able to derail that delusion from becoming a reality.

I'm just sayin'...