Monday, November 22, 2010

When it Rains, it Pours

Wow!  I remember hearing about Obama supporter Velma Hart, when she talked about being "exhausted" defending the President and his efforts at bringing about change during a town hall meeting shown on CNBC.  Actually, I understood some of her exhaustion and frustration (as anyone who has read this blog will remember), and all while those feelings were mingled with continued support and hope that things would change somewhat soon. 

Apparently, Hart was laid off from her job recently.

Politically, this is not a good thing for the administration.  Sadly, there are those who likely will be happy to hear that this happen to Hart, if only to fuel their existing disdain for Obama and his attempts to right this terrible economic ship.  I think it also underscores one of the central criticisms that I had of Obama and his economic team:  It was Wall Street centered.  Obama did the reflexively Republican thing economically, while essentially ignoring the reflexively Democratic thing economically:  looking after regular people.  November '10 is a partial result of that poor decision, and in some ways, perhaps Velma Hart's situation is also a result of that poor decision (albeit in a convoluted way).

I hope that Ms. Hart's unemployment will be short lived, and I hope that the Obama administration will begin to fight for the non-rich, and the non-connected, like FDR Liberals used to do.  Though on the latter point, I seriously doubt that that will be the route taken.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Hart's final quote in the linked Washington Post column was, "We are all living in the insanity."

The cost of being reliant upon one stream of income, or even two, is potentially too high, and clearly dicey at best.

The amount of resoures, namely healthcare, continue to get reduced, as insurance in every form trims what is covered in an effort to contain costs.

We are entering a time when it's prudent to tribalise. Groups becoming "families" to get a discount on cell phone plans. Co-housing more as a survival tactic, than simply a budget stretcher.

Velma Hart was a CFO, a "C" level executive, and now she is out of a job. What I would suggest to her, is that she and her husband immediately, and severely alter their manner of living so that it fits within the means of a single income. Denial, and sretching things along in hope of the past returning are resource draining, and ultimately demoralizing. Best to jump head first down the poop shoot into a very modest lifestyle, and go from there. Otherwise you're bleeding yourself dry while worrying yourself sick, in an unsustainable existance.

The more you are willing to give up, and the sooner you do so, the faster you can re-invent yourself.

I'm just sayin'...