Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In a Rush to Get That Government Health Care I See

I have a feeling that I am going to laughing for the next several weeks at the new class of Representatives coming in to Washington next year.  I was not remotely surprised that someone who railed against "government run" health care all through his campaign would get indignant when he realized that his actual government provided health care wouldn't kick in until February 2011.  And I am sure that his supporters are equally indignant (just as I am sure that some of them likely begged for the government not to touch their Medicare). 

I have a suggestion.  I think that every Republican in the federal government (Congress, Civil Service and Military), who does not support government related health care, should abandon their government provided/financed health care.  If the market can provide better services, then they should use their government salaries to pay for private insurance.  It would be a great gesture to show the efficiency of private enterprise, and give them greater leverage in making their arguments about the evils of the government's role in health care. 

I dare each and every one of them to do it.


TC said...

It would be ridiculously stupid of me to "give up" something that is one of the listed benefits of my profession because I don't support the government providing everyone healthcare.

The government provides my family and me healthcare because I have pledged myself, my well-being, and even my family's well-being in the service of my country.

In a way, it's no different from a job benefit pursuant to an employment contract with American University, IBM, Microsoft, or any other private employer.

But in a way it's much more, since the defense of our country relies on a fit and healthy military.

Apples and oranges.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go so far as to say hippocrites and opportunists, but isn't this just another example the self-entitled who are quick to deny others the same benefits?

All these new renegades sure are quick to look for their share, and every last one of them will be squaking about reducing "entitlement" programs, and denying marriage to all.

Yep, they've got their own - good luck to the rest of us.

I'm just sayin'...