Friday, November 5, 2010

Olbermann's Suspension is the Correct Move

When I read that Keith Olbermann, whose over the top commentary I often enjoy, had donated money to Democratic members of Congress without disclosing that he had, as well as providing them with air time through interviews, I was thoroughly disappointed.  He should have known better, and I think it's right that he has been suspended.  Now, I wonder if any of the Fox people have clandestinely donated to Republican candidates that they have had on their programs, and if Fox would take the same action.

But I want him back on the air.  Get the money back, apologize publicly and get back on the air.


Greg Johnson said...

I see that the lucky mystic gypsy fortune cards weren't too far off!

Anonymous said...

Kudos Greg Johnson!

It's uncanny how you said they'd put a sock in Olberman's mouth, and hey did that in a hurry.

Voices of reason are a dangerous thing in times like these.