Monday, May 18, 2009

Hey, Liz Cheney! Double Standard Much?

While watching "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," I was quite interested in a portion of a show that dealt with former VPOTUS' daughter Liz Cheney.

What struck me was the point raised by Olbermann that no one is calling out Liz Cheney on calling the current POTUS "un-American" for keeping alive the possibility of prosecutions related to torture. I, too, remember vividly the charges from the right that not supporting Bush was tantamount to supporting "those who attacked us on 9/11."

Unfortunately, most in the MSM (mainstream media) fell right in line, and offered nothing close to the journalistic questions being fired at BHO. The MSM failed the American public by not questioning what was going on in the last administration. I am comfortable that, because of the cawing of the right, nothing even close to the run up to the invasion of Iraq will be allowed to come to pass in the current administration. And nothing like that should happen. If BHO is out of line (or his mind), then we deserve to know that. More than anything, the last administration should have taught us that.

So, I want to hear folks call out Liz Cheney for not being supportive of the current POTUS. Her words were transmitted to our enemies, and they can be used in a way to help bolster terrorists. She should be ashamed of herself.

See how easy that was? See how stupid it is now, and how stupid it was back then?


Scott said...

So, lemme see if I got this straight. If President Obama does not actively block the Justice Department from prosecuting crimes, then President Obama is "un-American?"

The rule of law is "un-American?"

Yeah, that sounds like a Cheney to me.

NoFoolOldSchool said...

I think Lizzy C. gets a pass because she looks like exactly what she is, daddy's girl defending her ogre from the angry villagers. Plus every time she opens her mouth, she drops sound bite gems....

hscfree said...

It is incredible to witness. It's as though we have entered into Bizarro's world.

KS said...

Liz Cheney made a valid point. She called the prosecution of CIA officials "un-American" and one of the next words out of her mouth was unprecedented. Therefore, her point was that this prosecution is not a characteristic or precedent of the U.S. I think her words were chosen as a return attack to the Wicked Witch from the Upper West Side Mrs. Katrina Vanden Heuvel who asserted the techniques made America "less safe." I listened to the podcast, as I usually do, and her and Vanden Heuvel were at each others throats. I see the term un-American as being used to both rile up Katrina and simply show how unprecedented the action being considered, in fact, was.

hscfree said...

@KS: Thank you for your comment! unprecedented and "un-American" are quite different terms. Simply because something is unprecedented does not make it automatically "un-American." I think it would behoove Ms. Cheney to learn the distinction.