Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey, Newt Gingrich! Double Standard Much?

I think the clip below will speak for itself; it's so pitiful. Man I love Rachel Maddow!


Better Guy X said...

If it weren't so sad, it would be funny. I hope the both of them are correct and that the American populace knows that they are being bamboozled with this whole dog and pony show of calling out Pelosi or any Democrat on defense issues.

But I'm skeptical. . . .

Scott said...

Better Guy, I think this time the American people DO recognize the attempt to bamboozle them.

Even if Pelosi is lying through her teeth and did know about torture earlier than she claims (and sorry to say, I suspect she might) so what? At worst that makes her the witness who saw the crime happening and didn't call 911. I'd call her to task for that (if it's true), but that doesn't mean I'd call off the search for the people who actually committed the crime.

Gingrich and the other Republicans are desperately trying to divert attention, and it's just not going to work.

If the search for the truth about torture does fizzle out--no truth commission, no prosecutions--it will not be the rantings of Gingrich or Cheney that cause that result, it will be the cowardice of the Democrats in Congress who are terrified of of the 30-second soundbite attack ads in their next bid for reelection. We've already seen 50 such timid Democrats in the Senate this week on the issue of closing Guantanamo.

"Did you realize that Congressman Smith voted to release dangerous terrorists into YOUR neighborhood?!"

What is sad to me is that so many Democrats seem to believe the American people are dim witted enough to buy that kind of crap.