Thursday, May 14, 2009

Notre Dame Shame

To all of those angered by the invitation extended to BHO to give the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame, I have this question. Why is this commencement speaker's pro-choice position a problem, when other Notre Dame commencement speakers who are pro-choice seemed not to get this level of enmity?

According to a 2001 article posted on the school's website dedicated to commencement speakers, the following pro-choice supporters have spoken: Vernon Jordan, Condoleezza Rice and Bill Cosby. I don't recall calls for protests based on their appearances.

What is so special about BHO's pro-choice position that requires a true firestorm of protests? Why now?

Faith? I wonder how many of these "faithful" folks support "enhanced interrogation techniques." I wonder how many of these "faithful" folks were protesting the war in Iraq, because our entry into that war was based on an intricate web of lies and deceit. I wonder how many of these "faithful" folks believe in the death penalty.

What is the point people?


Anointed Prophet said...

I will keep my response simple... you find the answer to your enquiry within your statement. "Faithful"; the faithful folks who protest against this engagement are standing for their privilege of having a say in non-like minded people should be invited to speak before their community. The others you list were not seen as a threat because they kept their opinions, concerning the matters of importance to this audience, to themselves. However, the POTUS has made it very clear where he stands on these topics, has challenged the belief system of this audience, and is unapologetic hence declaring a war of ideology. So why at a time of much celebration of conformity would this audience invite an outsider who openly disagrees with their way? It would make them seem weak by other members of their community; make them seem hypocritical among the greater community, and cause internal struggle with accepting anything presented by this person as a voice of knowledge and wisdom.

So again, they are being faithful to their banner - this has nothing to do with being right or wrong. This is just freedom to express.

~ Just my glance at the situation ~

hscfree said...

Those past speakers have been as clear about their pro-choice beliefs as BHO. Dr. Rice is perhaps the highest ranking pro-choice aide that Bush had. How is it that BHO has "challenged the belief system of this audience" in ways different from others who share his perspective and have been on that stage?

Perhaps strongly religious institutions should consider budgeting out federal dollars, when the POTUS holds a position on an issue contrary to their religious doctrines. That way there will be no concerns for declarations of ideological wars.

hscfree said...

Furthermore, the Catholic community is as monolithic as the black community, so this idea that all of the University of Notre Dame community is offended simply is not true. Litmus tests should be avoided at all costs.

Scott said...

"I wonder how many of these "faithful" folks believe in the death penalty."

Good question. The Vatican opposes the death penalty just as it opposes abortion, yet Notre Dame had no qualms about awarding an honorary degree to G.W.Bush, a man who while Governor of Texas presided over (and bragged about) the state sanctioned killing of 150 human beings.

Pro-life my ass.

Micheal Sisco said...

One wonders whether or not Notre Dame would have such qualms about a pro-choice position if the subject was a rocket-armed quarterback or a guaranteed-2,500-yard-a-year running back.
I kind of doubt it.
It's sadly indicative of the "with us or with the terrorists" -- on both sides of the fence -- that we think that someone with opposing views is somehow less worthy to share a stage, somehow less than worthy to engage in the debate ... Sounds more like the kind of crappola we see in the madrassa rather than at a U.S. institution of higher learning.

Scott said...

I watched Pres. Obama's speech at Notre Dame yesterday.

It was pretty obvious that the media hype about Notre Dame was just that--hype. Seems a pretty small minority of students and faculty were actually involved in any protests. And as for Obama's speech--I was reminded again why I'm so proud to have this guy as our President.

I saw an interview a couple months ago with the young guy who is Obama's chief speech writer (his name escapes me at the moment and I'm too lazy to Google it hehe). He was asked what it's like to write for Obama. He said it's like "being the batting coach for Ted Williams."

Have you read "Dreams From My Father?"

hscfree said...

@Scott: I think the writer's name is Jon Favrau. Apparently, he was looking at a place a couple of blocks from where I live. And no I have not read either of BHO's books yet.

Scott said...

Free, yeah that's the guy, Favrau. A suggestion, when you get a chance do read "Dreams From My Father."

The Audacity of Hope is excellent, but it's basically political boilerplate, written with an eye on running for Prez.

"Dreams" is literature, and it really does let you inside the guy to see what makes him tick. Dreams From My Father is what Favrau had in mind saying that being Obama's writer was like being Ted Williams' batting coach.