Sunday, May 24, 2009

Since "Preservation Nation" is Already Taken....

I am seriously considering starting another blog. If I decide to go that way, the blog will be directly related to my professional work in American history (African American and U.S. Sport among others) and historic preservation, with an emphasis on diversity in the fields. In a past life, I was Director for Diversity with a preservation organization. I am also an historian by training.

By working in the field of historic preservation, I feel like my appreciation for academic history and preservation have grown tremendously. I see the interrelationships; I see the puzzle pieces and how they fit together. Thankfully, I long understood that diversity is more than just race and ethnicity; it is reflective of all of the things that make us individually unique.

Though I know that everything cannot be saved (nor should everything be saved), I do believe that communities need to be fully engaged in determining what is of value, and what needs to be preserved for future generations. This story out of Bridgeport, CT is an excellent example of why more attention needs to be given to the preservation of historic resources in diverse communities.

Be on the lookout, and follow me if you like.


Anonymous said...

Blog on with your bad self!

Free, we all will benefit by learning from, and sharing on, your new blog.

Not familiar with Bridgeport, CT - perhaps the topic of your first entry resides there?

I'm just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! But I don't think you need to start a separate blog, I would welcome your thoughts on preservation and history under this umbrella.