Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maine On My Mind

I knew I sensed something special when I showed up in Brooksville, ME that cool evening in July 2005, and that was "cool" and "July" in the same sentence (heaven in my mind). I was happy to return later that year for the wedding of one of my closest friends (a sister really). I think there were a total of 12 black folks up in Brooklin, ME at one of the most cozy and friendly inns, The Lookout (please go if you can; the food is excellent and the proprietors are phenomenal) that weekend, and all of us intend to go back.

I congratulate the state of Maine on deciding to support gay marriage. It is even more impressive because Governor Baldacci was not originally a supporter of gay marriage. He realized that based on the state constitution's call of equality under the law that civil unions were not the legal equivalent of civil marriages. California should take heed. New Hampshire should look to its neighbors.

"The world is changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air." (Cate Blanchett speaking lines originally spoken by "Treebeard" from The Lord of the Rings.)


Anonymous said...

A poem for Free Of romantic settings,
and lust instilled.
Dreams of carts before horses,
cannot be fulfilled.

Of road and river,
steer and 'swain.
Love's passing for each,
and all shall gain.
[I'm just sayin'.]

Miriam said...

I adore that you can make LOTR fit into politics. You=awesome.