Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Obama and the Supremes II

Pure snark ahead. You have been warned.

As I listen to the blustering from the GOP and the right about the SCOTUS nominee who has not been named, and after reading this post on Ta-Nehisi Coates blog over at www.theatlantic.com, as well as John Judis' entry at www.tnr.com, I had an idea.

Since it is clear that unless you are a minority with conservative views, you are incapable of being impartial, why don't we just restrict the SCOTUS nominations to straight white men. Obviously, that is the only demographic group in this country where intelligence and impartiality are givens. By introducing these "others" with different perspectives, and perhaps even different life experiences, the country may be subjected to people utterly unable to interpret the law without those experiences "influencing" their decisions.

Perhaps that will help calm the apoplexy the right is building over this potential fight for the SCOTUS nomination. Justice served.


Miriam said...

The session isn't even over and everyone is acting like an idiot to get a name out in the open. Patience, people. Let the folks give some thought to this important decision instead of naming someone who will pick a side. Thanks for the post, Jeffrey.

Scott said...

You know, that Obama guy is a clever fellow, but sometimes he slips up and says something that reveals his true, devious agenda. He says he wants to appoint a Justice with "empathy". Well we all know that "empathy" is just a code word for radical socialist, godless gay loving, gun hating minority person!

I see a winning slogan for the GOP here. "Just say NO to empathy!"