Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I Guess BP's Tony Hayward Got His Life Back

There remain a few things that I believe people across the political spectrum can agree upon. I am more than comfortable that disdain for outgoing BP CEO Tony Hayward is one of those things.

Tony "I want my life back" Hayward was a the helm of a company that ignored safety regulations resulting in the deaths of 11 workers on one rig, and the decimation of a portion of the Gulf of Mexico. And instead of losing his job outright, he is simply being moved to a BP venture in Russia, out of the public eye. How is that possible?

People around this country lose their jobs with the quickness for far less. I am sure that Hayward is getting some sort of multi-million dollar settlement, as his contract most likely dictates. There is a total lack of fairness that this man gets his life back to a degree, and the people he leaves behind in the Gulf Region will not.

This is what class warfare looks like in my mind, real class warfare. And it remains mostly an enterprise conducted from the top down. Shame that not enough people pay attention to that reality.

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