Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NYC Mosque Hullabaloo: Castigating the Whole for the Actions of a Few

It is classically American to castigate the whole for the actions of a few. Hell, even I trip up and do that occasionally (have you seen some of my commentary about conservatives and/or the black church?), though I try really hard not to. Well that seems to be what is happening in New York City right now, with a mosque trying to move to a new location in Manhattan.

This mosque has been in the neighborhood of the World Trade Center, according to the linked article, since 1983. As far as I know (and someone correct me if I missed something), the folks who attended that mosque have never been accused of following radical aspects of Islam, before or after September 11th (or even the 1993 WTC bombing). So this mosque has been a part of the fabric of lower Manhattan for the last 27 years, a few true nut jobs who share the same faith commit horrific crimes 18 years after this mosque is established, then the mosque seeks not only to move to a larger space in the neighborhood and establish a center to promote a greater understanding of Islam, but that is an insult to the memory of those who died on that sad day? Classic

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