Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Will Being Gay in Uganda Lead to Execution or Imprisonment? VII

I was doing my usual check of Pam's House Blend, when I saw her post regarding the murder of Ugandan GLBT activist Pasikali Kashusbe. I also popped over to Rod 2.0 and Towleroad to see what they were reporting. Here is a news clip:

I really hope that Kashusbe's murder had nothing to do with his work with Ugandan GLBT youth. However, considering the level of animus toward anything related to homosexuality in Uganda, I will not be surprised if it turns out that he was indeed murdered for his GLBT work. The brutality of his murder is nothing short of shocking. May he rest in peace, and may his efforts to help GLBT youth in Uganda continue.

UPDATE (07.07.10): It looks like the GLBT connection was a hoax, and in a way, I am glad. Though I am still sorry for the poor individual who had to die such a brutal death.

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