Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Amazing What Context Can Bring to a Situation

This morning, the media were abuzz with the "news" that a black Obama USDA appointee was discriminating against white farmers. By 9pm, it was pretty clear that Shirley Sherrod had her words taken out of context completely. Over at Maddowblog (and via the NAACP), they have posted the full unedited video clip that was at the center of this controversy:

I think that her decision back in '86 to put aside feelings of racial animus and simply help people in need is helping her now. The story that she told, in its full context, is a great American story of race and redemption.

It's a shame that the people who did the hit job edited video were so blind in their determination to embarrass the NAACP that they made a great story into a fake story. They made a woman who had been doing the right thing into a caricature representing their fantasies of how black folks are really the racists and whites the victims (the pathetic, racist, and ineffectual New Black Panther Party clearly wasn't enough).

I hope Ms. Sherrod is consulting attorneys.

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Anonymous said...

Shirley Sherrod has demonstrated extraordinary strength of character in her life.

Someone targeted the wrong person, although they almost got away with it.

Shirley Sharrod should be appointed as our National Healer.

What life has thrown at her, and who she resolves to be in the face of it all, is worth holding in highest regard. Ms. Sherrod should be given an opportunity to take her wisdom and compassion to a place of national prominance.

I'm just sayin'...