Monday, February 14, 2011

So, Can We Stop Talking About Birth Certificates Now and Focus on Jobs?

I found out on Politico today that at least 10 states have introduced legislation requiring candidates seeking to be on the ballot in presidential elections to show some a birth certificate.  Naturally, this legislation will help to ease the budget short falls that so many states are experiencing across the nation.  And, I suppose someone will have to be hired in the state election office to verify the veracity of the documents submitted by those seeking the top spot in the country, so does that qualify as job creation for those 10 states?

Brilliant jobs strategy.


Tc said...

Because governments are so good at "creating" jobs.

hscfree said...

Talk to every old person old enough to remember the New Deal programs, and then drive around and look at the various government buildings that date back to the same time period, and then remember to look at that highway you rode on to get to those various places, and God knows how many contractors across the country, private sector contractors, btw, have benefitted from government work.

My point is not that the government should be the sole creator of jobs. Far from it. I've had only one quasi-government position in my life as a teaching assistant at a state school, and appreciated it, but the vast majority of the jobs I've had have been private sector jobs. I get what the private sector can do. But for a party that ran on jobs, it seems that all of these old social issues seem to be taking priority.

I fully understand that the overarching goal is for the GOP to thwart any meaningful job creation until after the 2012 elections, and only if they win back the White House. I get that. What bothers me is that so few on the right, who really need the jobs, understand that. Or, perhaps they do, and are prepared to wait it out until a Republican is back in the White House.