Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is So Wrong with Michael Vick's Redemption Efforts?

For the most part, I've not really dealt with much related to Michael Vick.  I think most reasonable people can agree that his past actions with dogs were reprehensible.  If I am correct, Vick rightly did time in prison for his crimes.  And if I am still correct, Vick rightly has been working to rehabilitate his image, and he has expressed regret for his past actions.  And if I am still correct, Vick rightly has been working with animal rights groups as a part of his redemption effort.

Of all of the various famous people who have done terrible things, criminal acts, why is Vick held to a seemingly impossible standard?  Is there nothing he can do for his detractors to believe that he is working to change, beyond going back to jail, getting hurt on the field, or being executed?  Many of us have been taught to forgive and forget (though I always had difficulty with the forgetting).  But I have always felt that it is important to acknowledge and support people who genuinely are trying to change their lives for the better.  I think Michael Vick has been doing that. 

Let him.

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