Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconsin II

I was just over at The Daily Dish, and saw something that I didn't expect.  Apparently, former governor Doug Wilder signed into law a bill banning collective bargaining in Virginia back in 1993.  It will take me some time to research what was going on back in VA in '93 on this issue (I was more focused on getting into grad school that year, and left VA in '94).  In all honesty, I think I'd assumed that Virginia was a state that didn't recognize any unions at all, which has been typical in the South since the idea of labor unions emerged in force in the U.S.

And I am still trying to sort out when this notion that corporations should be revered and labor unions reviled really came about, especially since most multi-generational middle class Americans are more likely to have union members among their ancestors than a corporatist.

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