Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wisconsin III: "Punk'd"

I leave town for an overnight, and when I get back I discover that the governor of Wisconsin got a prank call

So, I was not surprised by much of what I heard during that conversation.  And I am more than confident that absolutely nothing that Walker said will change the minds of his supporters.  Instead, I believe that their support only will increase as a result of this, because they will not get beyond the fact that Walker got played by a "liberal."  Naturally, that is enough to cut off a discussion of what actually was said.

Meanwhile, the fact that the breaking of the public sector unions is more important than the actual fiscal issues surrounding the Wisconsin budget (remember that the unions have offered to accept the financial part of the GOP's proposed bill) is beyond clear.  So, can we now stop talking about the fiscal angle on this story, because it no longer applies.  I suggest that the stories now shift to how we have reached the point where those on the right (and the Harold Ford, Jr.s of the center/left) are more than happy to lay blame for the aftermath of the '08 crash at the feet of any group, except those on Wall Street who actually fucked it up and will get away with it totally.


TC said...

Are the Fleebaggers ready to participate in the democratic process yet?

hscfree said...

Interestingly, I didn't hear this from you when the GOP all but abdicated their responsibilities for two years. Maybe that was because they stayed in DC and did nothing. Oh, I'm sorry, they did bleat repeatedly, so there was the work. Perhaps they should have left to express their dismay at all of the "socialism" of the "Democrat" party too.

hscfree said...

And it's interesting that, of late, you've concentrated your comments to the evil actions of the public sector union supporters and 14 Democratic state senators. Meanwhile, I've read nothing from you about the liar who led us into war (not that he needed much effort, regardless of evidence), or even some of about the events happening in the Middle East and North Africa.

hscfree said...

Here is another "Fleebagger" for you: