Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Don't Know About Herman

Some folks might not believe me, but I am glad that Herman Cain is getting traction in his presidential bid.  I don't agree with his politics, but I do think that a greater political diversity within the black community is a good thing. 

Now with that said, I think that Cain might want to review the Constitution, as it relates to faith.  His position that Americans should have the right to ban mosques in their communities might come back to bite his Christianist butt, if he isn't careful.  Taken to its logical conclusion, wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that Cain would not be upset if a community decided to ban the building of any church of any faith, including Christian churches?  I think we know that answer to that one.

Cain also made it clear that he felt that Mitt Romney would not be able to do well with Republican voters in the South, because Romney is a Mormon.  Actually, I agree with the reporter of the linked article that this is something that is whispered in Republican circles; but that isn't showing in the polls so far.  It was interesting that there was a comment on Fox where a reporter suggested that Romney isn't a Christian, when comparing Romney to Gov. Rick Perry.

I know one thing:  we don't need a "Christianist Warrior" in Chief.

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