Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mad Props to Michael Irvin

I just finished reading an article about Michael Irvin, yes, that Michael Irvin, in Out Magazine written by Cyd Zeigler of Outsports.  Not only does Irvin discuss his late gay brother, whom he idolized (and kept hidden out of concern for being associated with "gayness"), but he also makes it clear that he is a strong supporter of gay rights generally, and gay athletes particularly.  As I read that, I thought about my own teammates on my graduate school flag football team, and how I was accepted as simply a good center (with three intramural championships in four years, by the way); it also made me wish that those guys had been around when I was in high school, but was too afraid to even consider playing football for fear of being found out.

I also think that it is incredibly important for black folks to see someone of Irvin's status talk about a gay family member, and express his desire to see out gay athletes in American sports.  We need more allies like him.

UPDATE:  Here is a great post on this subject over at Rod 2.0.  Enjoy!

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Marcusito said...

I am ashamed to admit how surprised I was to read Michael Irvin's views on homosexuality. I just assumed he was close-minded about the issue. Kudos to him for putting himself out there. Somebody of his stature needed to stand up and defend the rights of others.