Tuesday, September 29, 2009

American Health Care, a "Market Driven" Perspective

I generally try not to be emotional or terribly emotive on this blog. I feel like my arguments falter when I get that way. But I have to admit that I am just done. This whole health insurance debate has been an utter joke, and in many respects, a waste of time. The GOP is not interested in actual reform, and conservative Democrats are lackeys for the industries that are essentially jacking the American populace.

Why not just go for the gusto, and do real death panels for the people not lucky, smart or savvy enough to be upper middle class in this nation? Let them be at the mercy of the market. Let them die for failing to be successful enough to garner proper health care. Of course, the market has all of the answers, and the government, in all instances, is bad, evil and, dare I say, socialistic in its aims.

I am tired of the faux debate, as well as the faux concern about the ability of Americans to make their own health care decisions (I remember almost having to change doctors when health insurance bureaucrats decided that my doctor did not deserve to be paid what he once was paid, but the its the government, and government only, that has a bureaucracy, right?).

Why not just submit legislation to abolish all government related health care programs? The market has the answer, and I am sure that tax cuts will be a true Godsend to all of us poor unfortunate souls who were too stupid to get the types of jobs that would provide us with proper health insurance. I want to see all of the whiners from the summer deal with the reality of no Medicare. I want to see poor people in this country deal with the reality of no Medicaid or SCHIP. After all, government run health care is inherently bad for us. It contributes to American laziness. It undermines the American work ethic.

It makes sense for us now to let the unfortunate "eat cake." After all, their circumstances are reflective of their poor choices in life. Far be it for the American government to provide some assistance. It would only undermine those people.

It's not too late to include amendments that repeal all of the government run health care that exists right now. We could save millions by giving the private health insurance industry subsidies that will help their bottom lines. That is what the United States is about, so let's hop to it. We need to stop wasting money on government health insurance ASAP.

UPDATE I only just read about Rep. Alan Grayson on Matt Taibbi's blog at True/Slant, but considering the rant that I put here, I know when I have been beaten.


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Take a deep breath; this is all part of the deliberative process.

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