Monday, September 28, 2009

And, What Rachel Maddow Said

I think that Rachel Maddow's two segments on the organization ACORN are extremely important in providing doses of rationalism and reality in the wild eyed coverage on this "threat" to America.

I am a fan of Jeremy Scahill's line of thinking, and he is right on the money. Absolutely nothing will happen to a single defense contractor, in spite of the obvious evidence. Meanwhile, those who are utterly convinced of the horrors of ACORN (helping those damned poor people/criminals) probably don't care about anything that Rachel or Jeremy raised, because they're "lib'ruls" who are thus incapable of understanding the concerns of "real America": ACORN, socialism and taking the country back.

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Mike said...

I think the GOP has done a pretty good job in knowing its audience -- both fellow conservatives AND the moderate Bert and Monas in the heartland. They MUST have read "Freakonomics" or something. It's the risk versus outrage formula (why we get so worked up over children getting killed by handguns even though MANY, MANY, MANY more kids die in swimming pools). The public certainly expects some abuse in defense contracts ... it's already factored in and viewed as beyond our control (not much outrage) ... showing pimps and hos how to avoid the law, though ... that's worth plenty of outrage. The public views it as something that is certainly under their control (federal funding).
It's pretty sad that that kind of formula works, but it does.