Monday, September 28, 2009

What Howard Dean Said

While watching "Countdown" tonight, I was reminded of something during Lawrence O'Donnell's interview with former Governor Howard Dean. In the most recent poll taken, 65% of Americans (see the last question under "Health Care") want some form of a public option in health insurance. Four of the five committees in Congress have included a public option in their proposed legislation, however, one committee, just one committee, is debating whether or not to include, with an inclination it seems not to go there. Check out this clip from the show.

Dean is correct in noting that the country voted in a Democratic majority to help Obama do what he promised to do. And the Democrats should pay dearly for ignoring the will of the people. I think that progressive groups are right to hit on Senator Baucus, and the commercial that is going to show in Montana indeed asks the right question: "Whose side are you on?"

Even Helen Keller told all that she saw and heard about the pure obstruction coming from the GOP, so this idea of bi-partisanship is as realistic as a black, openly gay Republican getting the GOP nomination in 2012. The Democrats in the Finance Committee needs to get a massive wake up call from all who supported Obama's agenda to reform health insurance, in order to make them do what the majority of Americans want.

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