Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Pray the Gay Away?"

Yesterday, my cousin sent me a note asking if I'd watched a recent episode of "The Tyra Banks Show." Since, I don't really watch much television, the quick answer was no, but I wanted to why she asked. Tyra featured a young man, "Jeffrey" who had his alleged homosexual demons "exorcised." My cousin though his story would make a great play for her theater class.

I had to see this show. Thankfully, Rod McCullom at Rod 2.0 posted about this show earlier (and included the clip), so take a look.

For all of the hosannas that organized religion receives, I remain convinced that the institution can be devastatingly damaging to members of the GLBT community (not including groups like the Metropolitan Community Church or other affirming churches, of course).

Looking at that young man, who wants so desperately to be something I just don't think he will ever be, breaks my heart. I could have been him, if my world had been different. And I feel that the "prophet" and "overseer" have not been helpful to him in the least. They are setting that young man up to join the ranks of those on the DL, that pitiful group of folks who operate in deceit, confusion and shame.

"Jeffrey" deserves better than that. So, instead of these mad attempts to "pray the gay away," I hope he finds a path from "exorcism" to the man of his dreams. Maybe that's the play my cousin can submit to her theater professor: "Jeffrey's Salvation."


Anonymous said...

Sexuality is personal and beautiful.

There is NO need to change for anyone.

Those who seek to CONTROL (and many hyper-controlling individuals flock to ritual and rule filled environments, such as houses of worship) other people's sexuality need to be subjected to criminal prosecution.

This is an example of hazing, and it was done to a minor.

Perhaps if we explored the sexual histories of those in attendance we may be enlightened as to who is perpetrating these acts.

The "prophet" running that church sounds like a personality disorder on legs.

Five years from now, Jeffrey will be back on a talk show, with a man by his side, out, proud, and detailing all the things we weren't shown or told of regarding that church and his experiences with that organization.

I'm just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Jeffery-just to be provocative.

Let's assume that there is a "gay gene." And let's assume that there is a test for such a thing. What if this guy doesn't really have the "gay gene?"

Would you still insist that he live his life as a homosexual?