Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adolescent Music Flashback: Alexander O'Neal

Not too long ago, I watched the TV One show "Unsung" on Alexander O'Neal and Cherelle, and it brought back so many memories.  Now I was never a big fan of the crooners when it came to R&B, but Alexander O'Neal was just plain cool.  And what adolescent doesn't want to be cool at some point. 

I, like many people, became familiar with O'Neal through his collaboration with Cherelle, "Saturday Love" (if you know the song, you can't help but go through those days of the week).  I didn't know that O'Neal had an eponymously titled album in 1985, but I certainly became well aware of his second album "Hearsay."  It is an incredible album, with little vignettes in between some of the songs, and just a strong host of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis R&B tunes.  Check out some of the clips from below, and I bet it will be hard not tap a foot or bob your head to the beats.

I think I perfected "the Prep" and "the Cabbage Patch" while listening to "Fake." For those who are interested, there is an Alexander O'Neal fan blog. Enjoy!

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