Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation Opportunity

I really don't begrudge the fact that a President takes a vacation.  Everyone needs at least a couple of days for themselves, and I would imagine with a job like "President of the United States," I definitely would want at least some time simply to process all that is happening around me.  Of course, I am raising this as the criticisms roll in regarding President Obama's sojourn to Martha's Vineyard this week.  But, I want to offer a suggestion.  I think that it would be great, if any U.S. President decided to visit one of our national parks for a vacation.  The Obamas have done it before, though without addressing the actual challenges the parks face.  Not only would it put a national park in the spotlight, but it could be a great opportunity to talk about the deferred maintenance issues that the national parks suffer.  Imagine the potential press as Obama talked about the threats faced by our parks, touted the need for repairs, and the jobs that could be created that would ensure the long term sustainability of the park itself.

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