Monday, August 22, 2011

One of the Few I Would Ever Consider Supporting

It was interesting to see that former Connecticut GOP Representative Chris Shays is considering a Senate run for retiring Sen. Joe Lieberman's old seat.  Shays was always one of the few Republican that I thought I might consider voting for in the past.  Though I still retain a vast skepticism regarding most GOP policies, I sensed a reasonableness in Shays that is missing from about 99% of the current GOP lot on the Hill.  I wonder who his opponent will be.

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Anonymous said...

Can we call such people "Rachel Maddow Republicans"?

You know, people who actually discuss issues, express views in a factual context (real facts, not hyperbolic rhetoric), and are sincerely interested in governing (not purely motivated to repeal social and economic progress because they see that as being a good Christian, and see themselves as slightly more American than everyone else).

Reasonable people in elected office are now being crowded out by the denialists. Denialists who pose the greatest threat of all - inaction.

Whomever is elected in Connecticut, let's hope they are more like Vermont's Bernie Sanders, and nothing like Virginia's Eric Cantor.

I'm just sayin'...