Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Regarding One Aspect of American Diversity

I've certainly made it clear that I am no fan of the vast majority of policies advocated by today's conservatives, and I have my share of issues with some liberal policies as well.  I've belonged to both political parties, and have voted for people in both over the years.  I've also made it clear that I am not a fan of extremists in any faith, but am more than comfortable with people of faith.  The same is true with non-believers as well.  I have actual friends across the sexual orientation, racial and ethnic and political spectrum, and I know that my life has been enriched by them, even when we disagree.  Our country is pluralistic, and out of many, one.  Though some may argue otherwise, I think our diversity is a strength, and there is a reason why there is likely someone from every country on Earth who lives in the United States.

I was asked by a representative of My Fellow American to write a post highlighting that organization's effort to remind Americans that there are Muslims among us, and that they too love this country like any other American.  In a recent post, I gave credit to Republican governor Chris Christie for his full-throated support of his judicial nominee, who is a practicing Muslim.  Christie's comments could be repeated for hundreds of thousands of Americans who are Muslim.  And that is what helped me to decide to write this post. 

I know people who will view this post with eyebrows raised, and that's alright (and I would be shocked if one reader in particular didn't comment). Check out My Fellow American for yourself.  There's an interesting little video there too.

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