Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Challenging a Perspective

It has been interesting watching some of the comments and criticism about former VPOTUS Dick Cheney's memoir In My Time.  Anyone who's read this blog knows without a doubt that I think that the former administration, at the very least, needs to be investigated thoroughly for the decisions that came from the White House.  Though some friends, on various points of the political spectrum, disagree with me, I still believe that we lost the moral high ground as the Bush administration waged the "War on Terror," and that we compromised some of our basic American principles.  I firmly support the position presented by Salon's Glenn Greenwald on the specific issue related to Cheney's media blitz (and I doubt highly that he will be leaving our shores to hawk his book anytime soon).

I've been watching different interviews from folks like Gen. Colin Powell, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson and former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, and unless Cheney and his supporters are willing to call all of them straight up liars to their faces, then I think that their perspectives on the issues Cheney raises about them, in his book, should be heard and investigated.  After seeing many of these interviews, I think that there is even more of a reason to do a full investigation on the issues of authorizing torture, and how we went into and conducted the Iraq War.

UPDATE: I just finished reading an article from Dahlia Lithwick over at Slate. That's some powerful writing.  Lithwick also makes reference to an article written by Zev Chafets over at The Daily Beast, as well as one written by Conor Friedersdorf critiquing the Chafets' piece.  And here is a related post from Greenwald regarding former government officials trying to tell their stories regarding torture, and being thwarted by the government from doing so directly. 

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