Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For Those Who Simply Don't Understand How Discrimination Against the GLBT Community Can Have Devastating Consequences

To the folks who read this blog, please do me a favor and just read the story at this link.

Now, I don't care if you think every person in the GLBT community is going to hell in flaming underwear, nor do I care if you think that every person in the GLBT community is morally repugnant, because stories like the one you read happen to folks in the GLBT community all across this country, regardless of political party, regardless of ideological bent. Stories like this make me even more angry when I hear the tempest in a teapot crowd crow incessantly about "losing their freedom" or "losing their rights." Here is a challenge for that lot: why not take up the cause of Clay Greene and Harold Scull? Better yet, why not do a thorough review of what members of the GLBT community have to go through to prevent disapproving family members and/or insensitive and/or Christianist government workers from intervening directly into the lives of legitimate couples who have taken all of the steps allowed legally to protect their interests?

Instead of making up shit, why not look act actual problems experienced by Americans who actually suffer on multiple fronts, and try to help effect change. I suspect that there would be little interest among the spokespeople of the tea party movement to do that. Prove me wrong, and if not that, then explain why a situation like Greene and Scull's doesn't rise to the fever pitch levels that people have been displaying since health insurance reform under Obama made its debut (and the law does not sufficiently cover the issues related to GLBT health care concerns).

Now, to President Obama I say that the extending of visitation rights to domestic partners and same sex couples is indeed a nice gesture, but Greene and Scull's case only underscores the difficulties that gay couples face from government sanctioned discrimination. Let's not even talk about the difficulties of couples with a partner in the military. Perhaps, Mr. President, if you really took the time to consider the realities of the GLBT community, again regardless of party or political ideology, then you might understand much better why you are getting heckled and why people a chaining themselves to the White House fence.

I am still quite pissed that Greene and Scull, who is now deceased, had to go through the horror that they did. I hope hope that Mr. Greene wins at every level of the judicial system, until it is driven home that the actions of those who destroyed the lives of two men, simply because they could, will not be tolerated.

I pray for all of those in the GLBT community who will suffer similar fates. I will pray that somehow, in my lifetime, the basic civil/secular/governmental rights that we already should have will be recognized.