Friday, April 23, 2010

The Immigration Reform Legislation in Arizona is a Bridge Too Far

Well, the governor of Arizona has signed this legislation. Take a look.

I have to admit that I am one who thinks that racial profiling can play a role in law enforcement. I also recognize that there has been all sorts of abuse of profiling by law enforcement, which is why people are so leery of it. With that said, I think that this legislation is a bridge too far.

Anyone who looks Hispanic will be under the suspicion of being an illegal immigrant, unless the law enforcement agencies of Arizona really work hard not to make this so. I think that it will have a chilling effect for Hispanics traveling to Arizona. I think that I (black guy) would be safe traveling around Arizona. I think my boy Ron (white guy) would be safe traveling around Arizona. I am not sure that my boy Jerry (Hispanic guy) would be so lucky, especially if the members of law enforcement approach the situation is the same manner as Rep. Brian Bilbray of California.

Hispanics are expressing both outrage and disappointment over this legislation. I think it's deep when a member of Congress representing Arizona suggests that people should boycott the state until this issue is resolved (Rep. Raul Grijalva's offices have received death threats in the wake of this legislation). This does not diminish the fact that immigration reform is needed in the country, and Arizona does see the need to stave off illegal immigration. But, this really is an example of gross overreach.

There has got to be a better approach to immigration reform than this.

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