Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Reminder That Elections Do Indeed Have Consequences

Now I am not even close to being an expert on Iran. I have read the various reports coming from the elections last year that set off the "green revolution," and I found the outpouring of protesters fascinating. I remember the hostage situation from my youth, and I've certainly read the history of U.S. involvement with the former Shah.

With that said, I was reminded all over again why Obama was the better choice in November '08. Considering that Sen. McCain joked about bombing Iran, and wanted the U.S. to jump into the middle of the Iranian election fallout, unnecessarily, I don't get warm and fuzzy comfort from his sense that we should be "pulling triggers." Were McCain POTUS, I would not be surprised if we ended up knee deep in shit regarding Iran.

No, we needed in the White House someone who believed in diplomacy, exhibited patience and had a willingness to engage our allies for substantive help in dealing with Iran. That was not John McCain.

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Scott said...

I've often thought of how different America (and the world) would be today if in the year 2000 the man who got the most votes had become President.

Yeah, elections do matter.