Friday, August 20, 2010

And You Thought the Seed of Chucky Was Bad

A friend of mine, an atheist, often talks about the "God virus," when the subject of religion comes up. Unwittingly, I think that Franklin Graham just provided my friend with some "evidence."

This whole "seed of Islam" and "seed of Judaism" thing is just strange to me. Actually, the whole conversation bothered me (I should note that I am totally skeptical about John King). It was a complete continuation of this characterization of Obama as "the other." "If that is what he has done" was an interesting phrase for Franklin to use to emphasize his diffidence regarding Obama's "claim" of his Christian faith.

I have an aunt who truly believes that a large swath of Obama's opponents simply want to go all Dr. Laura on the man. I am not so sure about that (meaning a large swath), but there has been a concerted effort to question Obama's citizenship, patriotism and his faith. This whole "seed of Islam" stuff that Graham went for is yet another example.

Oh, and before I forget, I hope that American Muslim supporters of the GOP are taking notes on how evil and un-American many of their cohorts believe they are. Perhaps they can empathize with gay Republicans.

UPDATE: I am watching "Countdown" right now, and Olbermann just reminded me of something that Graham said that was a lie. Obama has not renounced his Islamic faith. You can't renounce something you aren't.


TC said...

If you keep accusing people who disagree with the President (and the basic Democratic platform) of being racists, eventually you'll make them that way.

hscfree said...

Now that is a silly statement.

There is no doubt that there are people who simply don't like Obama because of his race. If you know that you aren't one of those people, then there is nothing anyone could say to make you into a racist. NOTHING.

I mentioned a comment from a relative, a comment I don't agree with (with the execption of those it actually fits). If you would like me to tell my aunt that her thoughts have the mystical power to render someone who isn't a racist a racist....

Micheal Sisco said...

Here's what's interesting -- and emblematic of our ignorance about the Islamic faith. Had Obama ever been a Muslim, even for an hour, and converted to Christianity, he would have been marked for death. Apostasy is the highest crime in Islam. That particular modern strain of the god virus doesn't lend itself to the idea of a conspiracy (as if an Islamic cabal -- couldn't resist the impulse to use a word derived from Hebrew -- installed BHO as president). Ramming planes into buildings, strapping on the suicide belt, yes ... far-reaching conspiracies (a-la Manchurian Candidate), not so much.

As far as the criticisms of BHO's "policies," I still find it interesting -- and telling -- that much of the "policy" criticisms from the far, far right are concerned with what the president IS as opposed to what he is doing.

If those on the far right want to avoid being tagged with the "r" word, it might be a good idea to frame the debate purely in terms of policy instead of invective. That might help a little. And it might not be a bad idea for those on the far right -- and the plain-old-right -- to correct those who are blatantly racist.

I am reminded of a call to C-SPAN when BHO was still a candidate. A caller -- on the Republican line -- said that he didn't agree with his policies because BHO was a nigger. The call was quickly terminated by the host, but I found it odd that not a single subsequent caller on the Republican line called out the goober for what he was. No, those subsequent callers weren't racists ... they were quiescent, though ... and we have far too many quiescent conservatives ... and quiescent liberals, for that matter.

The "seed of Islam?" Is it passed by the semen, as we are supposed to believe Original Sin was? That's just weird.