Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An Interesting Article on Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) in Mother Jones

As I have said in this blog many times, I am not a political conservative. With that said, however, I am not one who dismisses good ideas, even if they are conservative ideas. While reading David Corn's Mother Jones article on Rep. Bob Inglis, I couldn't help but feel for Inglis.

Not only did he admit that his first go-round in the U.S. house was a waste (in seeking to, in his words, "destroy" President Clinton), but he also gave testimony to just how outrageous the Tea Party's influence on the GOP has become. Yet, I am sure that a fair few on the right will simply dismiss Inglis as a disgruntled loser. I think that he represented that minority of GOP members who genuinely wanted to resolve the really pressing issues facing this country, albeit from a conservative perspective.

Actually, Inglis sounds like some (though not all) of the folks I know who are Republicans and conservatives, concerned about the future of the GOP and conservatism.

The country needs thoughtful and substantive conservative ideas that help solve actual problems, and I don't mean fucking TAX CUTS (you would think that they represented a variation of the elixir of life to hear some on the right talk about them). This country has always done best when the left pushed forward, and the right pushed a little backward (isn't that their way?), and then we come to an accepted middle ground. Why not try that again? I think Rep. Inglis would agree.

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