Friday, August 27, 2010

As the Troops from Iraq Come Home, I Offer My Thanks for Their Service and Sacrifice

When I started this blog, war was a fact of life for our service members. I have a couple of relatives and a couple of friends who are currently servicing, all of whom have spent some time either in Afghanistan or Iraq. Being the son of a Marine, the grandson (and cousin) of soldiers, and the brother of an Airman, I understand that the freedom I have to write this blog post, for example, is secured by their sacrifice. Whether I agree politically with service members I know, or not, I have nothing but respect for what they do.

I am glad that we are seeing more men and women come home from Iraq. People who know me know that I felt that we had no business in Iraq, that we took our eye off the real targets in Afghanistan, and now we are having to play catch-up after years of needless neglect. I wish our service members in Afghanistan well, and I hope that we will be able to begin our sending our troops home next July.

This post is simply a thank you to our troops coming home from Iraq, and a well wish to those continuing the effort in Afghanistan.

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