Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On Losing a Toddler, Because His Babysitter Thought He Was Acting Like a Girl

Last year I wrote a post on the two young men who committed suicide in order to stop the bullying they suffered at school, and that was a heartbreaking post to write. Today, I came across a post at Towleroad that made me even more angry than the sad suicides.

I cannot believe that a grown ass man, a babysitter, decided that a 17 month old boy was not acting enough like a boy. That grown ass man was determined to beat the "boy" into this 17th month old, and he beat that beautiful innocent boy, Roy Jones, III, to death.

I think I am going to stop now, because I am about to hurl generalizations left and right, mostly aimed at sexually insecure straight men. I don't feel like going there right now. Instead, please direct your thoughts and prayers to Roy Jones family. I cannot imagine what they are going through right now, and all because some trick ass decided that a toddler, a fucking toddler, wasn't acting enough like a boy, and beat him to death.

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Jenifer said...

Words truly escape me, I don't want to even remotely remove this from the act of a completely sick individual but part of the motivation behind it is clearly the damage straight male machismo can and has created.

He was a toddler they act all day they are the world's best thespians and to have taken a child trying to learn and define his role in this world and reduced him and ultimately murdered him because of a ridiculous and largely damaging gender stereotype is beyond--well as I started this beyond words.