Friday, August 6, 2010

Regarding Christopher Hitchens

I don't quite understand why, but something about Christopher Hitchens cancer diagnosis has affected me. Obviously, it makes me sad, but there is something deeper that I cannot quite put my finger on. Mind you, there have been times when I have both adored and loathed what he has written. And, I've even had the pleasure of seeing him on rare occasions in Washington; I had the decency to keep my distance (feeling that I wouldn't quite know what to say following a simple introduction).

Perhaps I just look at Hitchens, and I see a life that has been lived to the fullest, which is something I have not yet done. I wish Hitchens the best, and I look forward to reading Hitch-22: A Memoir. I particularly enjoyed reading this excerpt from the June 2010 Vanity Fair.

Here is an interview that Hitchens did with Anderson Cooper:

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