Friday, August 27, 2010

Real Courage Down in Memphis

I just finished a post thanking our troops for their service, and it was a heart felt thanks. But now, I want to thank Michael Hildebrand of Memphis, TN for what he did at the City Council chambers in Memphis, TN. I watched the video clip of Mr. Hildebrand over at Towleroad (clip below), and I loved it. Having lived for so long in Washington, DC, I can say that I took for granted living my life, and simply being, irrespective of sexual orientation. But now that I am splitting my time between Washington and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, I sense that the GLBT community in Hampton Roads like shares the fears of those in Memphis (I will have to go out more to get a better sense, but between the massive military and religious right presence...).

I hope that many more folks in the GLBT community who live in cities and towns, and when the opportunity presents itself, will follow in Hildebrand's shoes. And to Mr. Hildebrand, I really hope that the Coucilwoman who proposed that anti-discrimination law for the Memphis GLBT community will push again at the next opportunity. Clearly, she will know that you have her back.

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Anonymous said...

Those who voted for hate, don't realize how many in their world are GLBT. Perhaps this speaker and those close to him should vote with their feet.

Eventually we each have to ask, "Why shouldn't I spend the time in my life treated as an equal?"

I'm just sayin'...