Monday, August 30, 2010

Krauthammer v. Greenwald, and You Can Guess Who I Like

When I read Charles Krauthammer's op-ed today, I couldn't help but laugh. I thought immediately of two specific friends of mine (there is a third, but we don't really discuss politics). Both of them have made Krauthammer's argument to me in some manner over the course of the time that we've known each other. I've often wondered if there was a mass e-mail sent out with a set of specific talking points to use in an argument with a liberal. Naturally, conservatives wonder the same thing about the other side.

What feels missing this time around, however, with at least one of those friends is the comity at the end of the discussion. Now, it is quite possible (and I really hope that this is the case) that the disembodied nature of the comment section of a blog makes it difficult to get the full measure of one's emotions, or one's feelings following the hitting of the "submit" button. I hope that I am wrong in feeling that something has changed between us; that would be sad indeed.

But I digress. When I finished the Krauthammer piece, I thought that I would address it, but then I read Glenn Greenwald's response over at Salon, and decided to link to it. I couldn't have said it better myself. It's a really good read...well, liberals will think so.

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