Thursday, January 6, 2011

Before I Get Too Excited...,

I am not ready to give praise to these new Republican members of Congress who are rejecting the government sponsored health care package offered to them as members, until we know that they aren't receiving government sponsored health care from other sources.  I still argue that if they feel the government sponsored health care is bad for someone like me, and will vote to the death to prevent me from having it, then it should be bad for them as well. 

Congressman Anthony Weiner's point during the health insurance reform fight in 2009 was particularly well taken.


Christopher S. Ledbetter said...

Puhleeze!!! You know they *ALL* receive government sponsored health care as a part of their *compensation and benefits.* Don't kid yourself. Every one of them is going to be against gov't sponsored health care until their elderly family members need medicare and medicaid and prescription drugs and the politicians don't want to front the cost from their own well fed pockets.

I think the only thing bad~ish about the health-care reform is *forcing* people to get helath care coverage. I say, ish because the one's who get their checks deducted (or otherwise paying for health coverage) end up paying for the people who don't have it... given that people in need of emergency care don't get denied.

hscfree said...

Chris, that was my only concern about health insurance reform as well.