Thursday, January 20, 2011

Strange Silence

Last night, Rachel Maddow asked a really good question on her show:  Why is the actual bomb found along the route of a Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday parade not a major story?  The FBI has classified this as a failed domestic terrorism incident, akin to the Times Square event I would think.  It's great question.

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Anonymous said...

Hate groups,and hateful individuals, are given a pass, as if to allow them to ferment until a real news story erupts, one with horrendous suffering, graphic images, and sound bites galore.

Bigots get plenty of air time, but if one recants, like the late George Wallace did near the end of his life, what should get maximum coverage is treated as a footnote at best. When such a redemption would serve as an example of betterment of humanity, few could be bothered to lend that man's epiphany any time or attention.

Could much of media content be driven by an unwritten need to cast a blind eye on the invetable, while cashing in on the resulting calamity?

Sort of an enabler/exploiter wrapped in the greater good?

Some type of an enabler/exploiter who really favors a certain state of appalling happenings, with little use for progress or change away from such base preditorial behaviors?

A blithely accepted enabler/exploiter who perpetuates a set standard of rank and privilege by pigmentation and beliefs?

Had that bomb been discovered at a parade focusing on people descended from somewhere in Europe, or had the bomber been discovered to be a certain religion, the sirens would still be wailing. The intended victims obviously aren't worthy of coverage, the perpetrator(s) are of unknown affiliation or extraction. No high cards in that hand - next story please.

Of course, should such an attempt actually result in mayhem, then all bets are on. Because most of the media will be carping ad naseum, as if no one else could, or ever has, cared moreso than they.

I'm just sayin'...