Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Don't Know Much About History" is an Unspoken Truth for Too Many with Actual Power

I am about to do something I never thought I would do on this blog since I saw her in an interview (and was gobsmacked by the time that interview was done).  Here is a video clip of Rep. Michele Bachmann speaking about American History, with an emphasis on our nation's founding and Founding Fathers.

I am posting this video clip to show how painfully unaware Americans are about our collective history.  I would dare any conservative who has an advanced degree in American history to say that Rep. Bachmann got most of her facts right.  What's even more pitiful is the fact that there are thousands of people who believe her every syllable, without question.  And what is most painful of all is the fact that most Americans would not be able to point out the problems with Rep. Bachmann's fantasy history; they wouldn't be able to correct her.  That is a national shame.

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