Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lauryn, Lauryn, Lauryn

This is what I get for taking some time during the holidays.  I only heard about the shenanigans from singer Lauryn Hill just the other day.  Sista was four hours late to her own concert in Brooklyn, and allegedly said that she was worth the wait.  Now, and this is no lie, the first thing that came into my head after I heard this was Hill's brilliantly hot song "Lost Ones."  You can check the chorus to see why, and it is clear that at least one person at that concert thought exactly the same thing (I fell out when I pulled up the article on the New York Times to write this post).

I know that Hill has been through a whole lot of things, but being prompt for an event where one is the top act is just a matter of common courtesy and respect for the fans who love you.  But on that day, Hill may have lost more than just one fan in that concert hall, and "it's so silly how come."

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