Sunday, January 30, 2011

Following Egypt

I've been trying to cobble together information that will help me better understand what is happening in Egypt, and I think that like many people who are remotely interested, I've turned to Al Jazeera for information that is, at the very least, closer to the ground than anything I would find in the normal news sources I rely on.  And with the recent banishment of Al Jazeera from covering what is happening in Egypt, I am thinking that they were getting too much information out to the world, from the perspective of the current Egyptian government. 

I've found this timeline to be particularly helpful.

Though I am not Egyptian, I can feel that something monumental is happening there, even though I am not sure what it portends.  I definitely will continue to follow what is happening over there, and try to put into perspective the things that official Washington will say about this (I am sure that this is more than a simple choice between Muslims we like, and Muslims we don't like, but our media will make it out that way the first chance they get).

UPDATE:  I found this interesting tidbit on Al Jazeera on

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