Thursday, May 26, 2011

Be Warned, I Have Something Favorable to Say About Palin

Anyone who knows me knows full well that Sarah Palin and I are far from politically or ideologically compatible, and what I am going to say is not about to change.  However, in spite of those obvious differences, I hope that her proposed national tour to various historic sites will provide needed attention to those sites (and I hope that she learns actual fact based American history in the process). 

I think that historic sites play critical roles in expanding our understanding of the nation's past.  I am also confident that Palin's trip will draw visitors to those sites, and I know that the sites will appreciate the traffic.  Hopefully, some of the sites on the tour will be places I've had the privilege of visiting, and if they are, I will write about my experiences at those sites.  For those people who read this blog and are fans of Palin (I know there aren't too many, but you never know), I hope that if she comes to an historic site in your town that you will visit the site as well. 

Regardless of who it is, I will always be in favor of someone with that level of visibility visiting American historic sites.  Those sites deserve the attention, the visitors and the potential revenue.  Good for Palin for doing her part to promote them.

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