Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Open Mouth, Insert Thigh

My left eyebrow was reaching mighty high toward my hair line as I heard more and more about Dr. Cornel West's comments regarding President Obama.  By the time I read through what West was saying, I was done.  President Obama, as with any President, deserves principled criticism, but for West to say things like "All he has known culturally is white" (among other things) is not far from the crazy things that Glenn Beck and Newt Gingrich have said about Obama.  Yes, Obama could have found his inner Roosevelt (either one) and done monumental things with Wall Street, or with job relief programs.  Yes, Obama could have found his inner historian and decided to look back over the prosecution of the "war on terror" to help the nation regain its moral standing and leave the possibility of criminal prosecutions on the table.  Yes, Obama could retreat from the civil liberties madness that the Bush administration ran with, and that he is continuing.  But to call him out as West did is, well, pitiful (in my perfect "Clair Huxtable" intonation). 

Check out the commentaries written by Melissa Harris-Perry and Adam Serwer.  They are well worth the read.

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