Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vermont is Sounding Better by the Day II

Governor Peter Shumlin signed into law the legislation creating a single payer health care system in the state of Vermont.  The state is now looking for an exception to the national health care law in 2014, three years earlier than the law allows for exceptions.  I've been looking for possible opportunities in Vermont, including keeping an eye out for teaching opportunities.  I am sure one of my grad school classmates will suggest Massachusetts again, but I am not so sure.  This health care move will make Vermont even more desirable than it already is, and there is a strong preservation ethic in the state (which is important to me).  Like many others with the potential for mobility, but lacking health insurance, I will be watching Vermont's progress closely.

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Anonymous said...

Let the shopping season begin!

As select states become more progresive toward people, as opposed to corporations, many of us will be putting a vocalized premium on opportunities in these places.

Whether it's marital equality, accesible healthcare, or simply voting with one's feet to exit those states which make us corporate customers with reduced civic input. As has happened where the recently elected governor behaves as a corporate minion to the detriment of the populace, without having campaigned as such spawn (Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio).

Once the economic square dance starts to pull the best and the brightest away, don't look for them to come back.

Do look for long-term declines in places which cling to archaic ignorance and hate.

I'm just sayin'...