Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Is Anyone Surprised By the Senate Vote to End Oil Subsidies?

Over at Huffington Post, I saw that the Senate had a vote on ending the subsidies to the nation's five largest oil companies.  The proposal failed, and the breakdown of the votes was not really surprising.  Democratic Senators Nelson, Landrieu and Begich sided with the GOP, and Senators Snowe and Collins sided with the Democrats.  There were no surprises here.  I hope that Sen. Reid will soon schedule a vote on the House approved Ryan budget, so that we can see the marriage of GOP votes to end Medicare and uphold subsidies for the wealthiest industries in the nation (that are creating all sorts of jobs overseas).

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TC said...

I'm very surprised by the Senate vote, considering all bills concerning revenue must (according to the Constitution) originate in the House.

Maybe the Senate should have followed the House's little show in January and read the entire Constitution as well.