Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reasonableness in the Health Care Reform Debate

It should surprise no one who knows me that I simply do not support Rep. Paul Ryan's plan to eliminate Medicare "as we know it," and block grant Medicaid into oblivion.  With that said, I understand fully that the system that we have currently needs to be reformed significantly, in order to sustain the programs, particularly cost containment. 

Back in '09, I wrote a post about an interesting article I'd read in The Atlantic (written by David Goldhill) that offered, what I thought, was a meaningful series of suggestions for tackling our health care problems.  I've just finished reading a post by Alice Rivlin, who worked recently with Ryan on ways to tackle Medicare and Medicaid.  Take a look at Rivlin's suggestions.  I found them quite reasonable, and far from radical, like Ryan's (and the House Republicans', save four) plan.

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