Monday, March 29, 2010

$1,946.25 RNC Dollars on Strippers Giving Lesbian?

Of course GOP/conservative straight men are more than willing to embrace lesbianism, when it's confined to faux lipstick lesbians entertaining them at a strip club. I wonder how many other RNC chairs/staff members have had similar expenditures. Now I have nothing against the ladies whatsoever (get those dollar bills), but I am now just so bored with the whole fetish for lesbians by straight dudes. Isn't it time for something new?

UPDATE: Well that was a quick turnaround.


The $3000 Dress said...

statistically, there have to be a least some lesbian strippers who are the offspring of good RNC (type) folks. that being said i wonder how many double/triple standards these RNC parent (types) folks set up for themselves? i try to think of it, but it makes my head hurt - im just too simple for faith-based-hypocrisy!!! take me awaaaay!!!!

Micheal Sisco said...

Str8 Man Theory: The only reason there are lesbians is that they haven't found the right "man" yet. Ugh!